This sundial represents planned cyclical program assessment used for continual curricular improvement

College Writing Assessment
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This sundial represents planned cyclical program assessment used for continual curricular improvement

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Mission Statement

Our program provides a unitary concept of validity as articulated through our primary trait method and its attention to critical thinking, global perspectives, drafting competency, textual citation, oral presentations, and collaborative work. Each program coordinator, graduate and undergraduate, will write about his or her assessment projects and make the results available in a web-based repository of information about our assessment activities.

News and Events

Recent Conferences

Norbert Elliot, "On a Scale: A Social History of Writing Assessment," (forthcoming 2005).

Nancy Coppola and Norbert Elliot, "Assessment of Graduate Programs in Technical Communication: Lessons from the Behavioral Sciences," June 2004.

Nancy Coppola, "Building Trust in Virtual Teams," June 2004.

Jerome Paris, "Final Report: NJ Education On Language Minority Students Grant: ESL and Professional Education," September 2003.

Carol Johnson and Norbert Elliot, ASEE Mid-Atlantic Fall 2004 Conference Proceedings, "Beyond Cut Scores: Portfolio Assessment in Program Evaluation."

Recent Conferences

Carol Johnson, Best Assessment Processes VII, Rose Hulman Institute of Technology, April 2005: "Cycles of Improvement: Assessing Validity in Technical Writing Programs Using Online Portfolios."

Carol Johnson, Nancy Coppola and Norbert Elliot, MLA (Modern Language Association) Conference, Philadelphia, 2004: “Technical Communication and Poststructuralism: Conducting Research under Contingent Conditions” sponsored by the ATTW (Association of Teachers of Technical Writing).

Carol Johnson and Norbert Elliot, ASEE (American Society for Engineering Education) Mid-Atlantic Conference, October 2004:"Portfolio Assessment in Program Evaluation."

Humanities Assessment Team
Norbert Elliot
Director of Assessment
Carol Johnson
Chair, Department of Humanities
Nancy Coppola
Director of MSPTC
Andrew Klobucar
Director of Machine Scoring
Mark Arnowitz
Director of Freshman Composition
James Lipuma
Director of Technical Communication
Robert Lynch
Professor Emeritus

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